Another way to show your employees that you value them…


Benefits of using Karousel


Who doesn’t want happy employees and colleagues? Stupid question right. Access to London’s best pop up restaurants, will help keep them this way!

Increased productivity

Quite simply, well fed staff will perform better. We come to your building, so it gives your employees more time to catch up with co-workers or grab some fresh air.

Non-monetary incentives

Remuneration is important, but all the best employers offer their staff more than this! Karousel is an employee perk which will help you attract and retain the best talent. 


Programme Features

Dedicated, Single Point of Contact

We provide you with your own single point of contact to be at your beck and call, for all arrangements and queries that you might have. 

Professional and Simple

We want to make your life easy! Our “pop up stand” will always look the same – clean, professional and cool. We always ensure an easy, quick set-up and of course, exit too. It just couldn’t be simpler for you.


And best of all, our service is free for employers! All employees have to do is walk up and buy the delicious food – made to order!


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